Our Team

We started MHB Group because, quite simply, we LOVE recruitment and it shows in how we approach every day, every recruitment campaign and every relationship. We care about doing things right and wanted to offer a trusted recruitment service genuinely needed and depended on by our clients. Leveraging our experience, commercial knowledge and large network to provide support and advice and the drive to ensure successful results.

What set’s us apart is very simple. We listen to your needs, come up with a customizable solution that works for you and we deliver on time. What drives our team to be successful is our passion for doing right by our clients and candidates so that it works out in the long term.

As the Director of Talent at MHB Group, Rebecca comes with 12+ years of successful recruitment experience. Specialized in recruiting for construction, property, architecture, energy / renewables, and engineering. What drives Rebecca is to connect passionate and highly skilled people with their dream role.

Sam adopts a strategic and ‘people-centred’ approach to recruitment that is fueled by a combination of his confidence, creativity and unwavering diligence. Sam prides himself on building strong relationships with his clients and giving expert coaching to his candidates.  Sam believes that respecting the genuine needs of his clients and candidates is the first step to creating sustained and meaningful business relationships.